VT Collagen Pact Review – Aug 2018

Hello, this is Ara, a blogger.

I introduced Clio’s Kill Cover Compact to you last time.

Today, I have the VT Real Collagen Compact with me.

Let me provide you with an honest review of this product.

Its original price was $32, but I bought it at a discounted price of $25.60.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Package

This is my first time to use a collagen compact.

I heard that this is the first collagen compact in the market!

It is loved by flight attendants, so it is often called the flight attendant compact.

At the back are usage instructions and the product’s functions in Korean.

Color No. 21

With SPF 50+/PA+++, it is a cosmetic product that provides ultraviolet ray protection, whitening, and anti-wrinkle effects.

VT Cosmetics Genuine authentication sticker

At the bottom is the genuine authentication sticker, as proof of its reliability.

I removed the tape and opened the product.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Case

It is almost identical in color as its box, as shown in the image, and it appeared even more luxurious with shimmering glitter in pink.

It is packaged in a beautiful color for women to carry around.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Puff (Left) , Texture (Right)

I opened the compact. It is so beautiful

I was so impressed with the marbling inside the starlight.

It is a compact that expresses elasticity and shimmer after the collagen and the base were mixed well in appropriate amounts.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Used Before (Left) , After (Right)

First, I applied some on the back of my hand, and saw my dull hand beginning to shine.

It is a No. 21 product, but the color did not appear to be too white. Instead, it provided a natural shimmer.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Texture

I took this image under a bright light to show you what it looks like after one touch.

Can you see the amount applied after a single touch?

I applied the product over eyeliner.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Coverage

You can see that it provides some coverage over the eyeliner.

It has slight coverage, and is lightly applied, so it is an excellent product that can be used with daily makeup.

The application is very moist and supple.

VT Cosmetics Collagen Pact Used Face

I applied the product on my face, which naturally makes the face shine.

It was light as if nothing was applied.

I have combination skin, with my nose being oily, so my makeup disappears quicker there than in other areas.

This product also gets removed in other oily areas.

So it might not be suitable for people with oily skin.

Your skin may appear greasy.

But it is recommended for people who do not want cakey makeup, since it is a product that is really good in expressing light, watery skin.

Next time, I will post about a concealer that can completely cover your blemishes while simultaneously using the VT compact.

See you again!


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