Korea Beauty Program ‘Get it Beauty’ 3rd strange ‘Merzy The First Gel Tint GT.1 Heart Sherbet‘, Tips to Merzy The First Gel Tint GT.1 Heart Sherbet – Dec 2018

Hello. Girls ~~~~

I had generally been using skin makeup, but today I want to give you a review on a lip product.

The brand I have today is Merzy.

I used to use Merzy products a long time ago.

I quite like the brand because the products are so good.

Merzy is a brand that first shot to fame through SNS.

The brand has also been in the top ranks on various beauty shows.

The lip product I chose is Merzy’s The First Gel Tint.

The Velvet Tint is more famous than the Get Tint, but I chose the Gel Tint.

It costs $14.90, and there are 4 colors: GT1. Heart Sherbet, GT2. Orange Mellow, GT3. Pink Pudding, GT4. ChuChu Rose. I chose the GT1 color.

The Gel Tint has an adherence that does not disappear even after a long kiss. Moreover, it has no clumping after reapplication.

First, I will check the product.

Merzy The First Gel Tint GT1. Heart Sherbet Case

The packaging is uniquely Merzy The First Gel Tint GT1. Heart Sherbet.

Merzy’s lip products are designed with white writing on a black background.

It is a simple and uniquely Merzy case.

Merzy The First Gel Tint GT.1 Heart Sherbet Color texture

I opened the packaging to find the product designed in the same manner.

When you look at the bottom, you can see how much of the product is left.

I felt that the product initially seemed a dark red, but I’ll only know after trying it properly.

It looked very moist, so I was very excited to use it.

I will check the coloring and adherence of the product.

I am quite impressed with the water drop-shaped brush and design.

I’ll apply the product on my hand.

Merzy The First Gel Tint GT.1 Heart Sherbet

The color was so pretty on the back of my hand. It applied very moistly.

I really liked the color and adherence.

It adhered very nicely even after I tried rubbing it off.

After a while, the moistness disappeared and the product left a slight stickiness.

I think that’s when the product really adheres to the skin.

I was very satisfied with the product on my face, so I want to use it on my lips.

Merzy The First Gel Tint GT.1 Heart Sherbet Before & After

I applied the product on my lips.

I removed makeup from my lips before using the product, but a little stain remained.

The difference in lip color was really noticeable before and after application.

The color on my lips was very pretty. It was a very clear red color.

The brush is shaped like a water drop, which made it easier to apply.

This was a very good product to draw with and following the lip line.

The product was very moist and adhered well to the skin, so was very suitable for use.

You guys should try it.

It is a product you won’t regret trying.

Thank you.


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