About Us

Our Mission

We aim to keep your skin healthy and beautiful with high-quality cosmetics from Korea. Our products are directly produced in Seoul and are carefully formulated to suit the skin types of customers from different countries. Furthermore, we only introduce products that are proven safe to use in Korea, and will not cause any skin troubles or discomfort to the user. Our objective is to deliver customer satisfaction by providing the best products at reasonable prices. The best products may not always be the most expensive, and we will only stock products that we believe will be suitable for our market.

Our CEO, Mr. Zino Park, has been involved in various trading sites over the past 10 years, helping to spread the word on Korea’s beauty secrets. In 2018, he received the Minister’s Certificate from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for contributing to the development of export markets for Korean cosmetics, ahead of the launch of his own K-beauty brand, “SOMEST.”

Who We Are

We have been offering excellent cosmetic products to overseas customers through online cosmetics websites (eBay, Amazon, Q10, etc.) since 2009. We have dealt with numerous products and customers for nearly a decade, and based on the data we have accumulated over the years we are determined to introduce more diverse products to our customers. We have developed numerous strategic relationships with key suppliers and are able, therefore, to offer customers the most up-to-date products at the most competitive prices

While countless new Korean cosmetic products make their way to market every day, we maintain strict control over how we select products for sale on our website, ensuring that all the brands are carefully examined in offline stores, department stores, and distribution networks. While we will continue to introduce a broader range of products to Openthebeauty, it will never be at the expense of quality. 

Our Brand

Openthebeauty aims to open the door to skin recovery, making it look healthy and radiant again. At Openthebeauty, all products have been strictly selected based on our past sales experiences. We hope our customers will see improvements in their skin and be full of renewed confidence after using our products. We are inviting you to visit Openthebeauty and see for yourself.

Our Promise

We want to approach our customers with honest products and provide them with the gift of beautiful, youthful skin. We wish to become an online store for the discerning customer; a store that understands the lifestyles of women all over the world and provides products that work well with all skin types and in many environments.

We promise to be truthful with our customers and give back the love we receive from them.

Our Wholesale Activity

Place your order at our professionally-run, Seoul-based wholesale company with 10 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

We have been supplying cosmetics to overseas wholesalers since 2008. Our Korean Beauty products are from approximately 50 brands, including LaneigeEtude HouseInnisfree, The Face ShopSkinfoodMisshaNature RepublicCosRxBentonPyunkang YulOhuiSumApril SkinSome By Mi, etc. Our exports are worth over 30 billion won per year, primarily reaching Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Canada, Russia, and Hong Kong. Based on these figures, we were classified by the Korean government as a promising small-and-medium exporting company in 2018, putting us ahead of our competitors.