espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up Review – Dec, 2018


That time of year is here again: the professional and personally busy season. The end of the year~

The busy and tiring month of December!!

But you can’t let your face say that you feel tired, right?

That’s when you need your makeup essential!!

The concealer!!

I have very bad dark circles.

They can’t be covered by BB creams or foundations…

That is why I have looked for a product that has great covering effects. I have with me the taping concealer cover up product!!

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up

This is the product. It costs $25.

There are 5 colors: porcelain, ivory, beige, medium beige, and neutral green. I chose the ivory color.

The colors are not arranged from bright to dark like foundations or BB creams, But you can select the color depending on the tone of your skin.

The product is in a balm form, and not a stick form~

The all-black design looks chic and sophisticated.

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

I opened it and was presented with a similar feeling as the case.

The case is very tightly inserted in the box

They are a very similar size.

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

The bottom portion is transparent, so you can see what is inside.

Let’s open the product, shall we?

espoir Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

The concealer product is neatly packed inside.

I’ll test the product on the back of my hand.

espoir Concealer Cover Up #Ivory Covering test on hand.

It is very matte.

The description says that the product covers blemishes and spots, and strongly sticks to the face.

It really has a strong adherence, so it sticks well to the skin!

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory Covering test.

You can see that there is a slight shine when I compare the before and after~

Now, let’s have a look at its covering effects.

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

I drew a line on my wrist with an eyeliner.

Now, I’ll apply the concealer on top~

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

Hmm? It doesn’t quite appear as strong as it says.

But the eyeliner is quite a dark black, so it might just seem that way.

I will test the product on my face.

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

This is my face before applying concealer.

There is no tone arrangement at all.

Now, I will cover up the spots and dark circles with the concealer!!

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

You may not be able to see in the photo, but my skin tone feels a lot more uniform.

I have more of a problem with my uneven skin tone than with spots.

So I often have to spend a lot of time on my face makeup.

The product definitely has a strong adherence rather than a soft application.

It also felt different on my face to when I tested on my arm.

It felt like it didn’t cover very well, but I feel satisfied with what it does.

I prepared a comparison image for those who need to compare.

espoir TAPING Concealer Cover Up #Ivory

Can you see?

I circled the parts which I feel are most different!

The difference looks even clearer in real life~~

If you look closely, you can see that the areas that I didn’t circle look quite even as well.

Especially the dark areas around my lips and my nose.

The concealer does what it should, so I’m very satisfied.

The only disappointing thing is that it is really matte, and therefore doesn’t have a particularly smooth application.

It is quite dark, so you need to blend it very well~ Please remember this!

If you don’t have dark circles or an uneven skin tone like me

And you have rosacea, I suggest you use the neutral green color~

I liked the strong adherence and covering on my skin, so I plan to use the product again!!

If you want to appear bright and not so tired during your busy season,

How about covering your blemishes with the taping concealer cover up?

This has been a review on Espoir’s taping concealer cover up~~


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