Clio Mad Matte Liquid Lips Review – Aug 2018

Hi, Girls !!

I reviewed the Clio Kill Brow product for you last time.

This time, I have with me Clio’s Mad Matte Liquid Lips product.

I liked Clio’s eyebrow product, so I went searching for Clio’s lip products. I found the Mad Matte Liquid Lip product, which looked great, so I purchased it right away.

I prefer red lip products, so I bought No. 2 Hotshot Red and No. 3 Burning Orange.

There are eight colors in the Mad Matte Liquid Lip line that can be purchased at $23 each.

First, I would like to introduce to you the product.

Clio Mad Matte Lips – 03 Burning Orange

You can see the color of the product based on the packaging of Mad Matte Liquid Lip.

The vintage design displays the name of the color, while the color is shown on the side.

I love the look of the vintage design.

Clio Mad Matte Lips – 02 Hotshot Red (Down) , 03 Burning Orange (Up)

The product is thin and round.

It is cute and simple, and it expresses the color on the outer side and on the case.

I was very excited to try on the pretty color.

Clio Mad Matte Lips – Brush Point

The name states that the product would be matte, so it is what I was expecting,

But the brush displayed the product in liquid form.

In the image, you can see that there is a small hole on the black circle indicated on the brush.

You can use this portion if you want a rich application of the product.

I will show you the colors on the back of my hand.

Color Texture #02, #03

The colors are so pretty and moist. They felt great on my hand.

You can see that the colors of the two products are not that different.

No. 2 is red that is slightly on the burgundy side,

while No. 3 is a bright red.

I am curious about the matte application of the moist, watery tint.After 2-3 minutes, the product gradually dried to become matte !

Color Texture Matte Test

You can see that the product turned instantly matte.

I checked the coloring.

I used wet tissue.

Clio Mad Matte Lips Cleansing Test

Though it is a liquid product, it would stay on the lips pretty well.

There is 80-90% retention after wiping it with wet tissue!!!

The product stayed dry and completely adhered to the skin while staying intact…

I tried wiping it off to remove the product, but the wet tissue was pushed off in my hand.

This proves the product’s matte quality and long-lasting effect.

With great anticipation,

I applied the product on my lips.

After applying the product on my lips, I took these images.Hotshot Red is pictured on the left, while Burning Orange is on the right.

Clio Mad Matte Lips Color Texture Lips.
#02 Hotshot Red (Left) , #03 Burning Orange (Right)

When applied on the lips, the product was quite moist before quickly becoming matte.

Upon applying the two colors, No. 2 comes out as bright red.

No. 3 displays a mix of pink and red, and then an orange color.

Both colors are very cute.

I personally found it uncomfortable on my lips at first due to its dryness.

But, after a while, the dry feeling disappeared, and I didn’t have to reapply the product!

I checked how much of the product would stain after the products on my lips have dried.

After 2-3 minutes of applying both products, I pushed my hand against my lips, and there was no staining.

I also drank some water, but you can see that there are almost no visible marks on the mug.

The product adheres well to the lips to great effect.

I also checked its long-lasting quality.

I took a photograph 4 hours after applying it on my lips.

Isn’t it wonderful after quite a while?

I am amazed at the product’s long-lasting quality.

I recommend the product to those who consider the long-lasting effect of cosmetic products like me.

I am very satisfied with Clio’s Mad Matte Liquid Lip!

I plan to purchase other colors of the product soon.

I’ll see you again in my next post!


Please provide makeup tips by commenting on the type of makeup that can be done with the red lip as a starting point.


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