Brontree Berry Essence Sun Block Review – July 2018

Hi, everyone.

This summer is just crazy.. The sun is too strong and hot.

Do you know that UV light cause skin aging and many problem?

There are 3 kinds of UV.

UV-A Destroy collagen and protein. It causes aging, freckles, and skin pigmentation.

UV-B Burns the surface of the skin and burns. It causes skin cancer.Uv-C It is the most harmful to our skin, but it is all absorbed in the ozone layer and there is no substantial damage.

Become a summer, people prepared Sun-cream.

But sun-cream is necessary even indoors or other seasons for protecting your skin.

Because UV-A through the window and wall. That’s why you are recommend to use sunscreen everyday.

Borntree Berry Essence Sun-block is SPF50+ PA+++

What is SPF ?
SPF stands for Sun Protect Factor. Therefore higher the number, the better the UV-B blockage and its persistence. In everyday life, more than 95% of UV-B is blocked even with a SPF20. SPF50 can block more than 97%. Thus, a SPF20 is more than enough for use in day to day life.

What is PA ?

Literally It stands for Protect UV-A.

Most people are only concerned about the SPF values. However, don’t forget that it is the UV-A that causes aging and freckles.

Borntree Berry essence sun-block is for all skin type.

Case is very cute and vivid color.

Now, let’s try it now. Borntree Berry essence sun block is lotion formulation. It’s pretty well be on my hand.

After absorbing, It’s bit brighter than the other hand.

Borntree product is composed of only natural ingredients and price is very reasonable.


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