Banila co. It Radiance CC Cover Cream Review – Nov 2018


I’m back^^*

This time, I wanted to use a more natural cream than BB cream

So now I have a CC cream~

This is a product from the brand Banila Co.

Banila Co. has a very popular cleansing balm.

The product I selected is called “It radiant CC”.

There are three types of CC creams~

Simple cover base, long lasting, and moisture care.

The product I chose is a long lasting product.

Taeyeon from the group Girl’s Generation is the model for these, so they are very popular~~!!

I purchased the product for $25. There are two types!!

The light beige color was the existing color, and the natural beige is new after recently being renewed.

I purchased both of these products. Let’s seem them, shall we?!?

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream

These are the cases. They have a great pink tone.

The lighter colored case is the light beige color.

It’s clever that you can distinguish the color of the product from the color of the case!!

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream

When you open the case, the packaging inside uses the same pink color as the case.

It has a real feminine feeling! It is so simple, and it comes in a pump form so is very easy to use.I will check the content of the product.

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream Color

When you squeeze the product, the content is very similar to the color of a BB cream.

The content is also very moist.

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream Texture

I applied the product on my hand. The difference between the two colors is remarkable.

I took the photograph immediately after applying them. The natural product seemed very dark and the light product was much brighter.

It may look different when applied on the face, so I will have to see how it looks.

Let’s now check its concealing ability.

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream Covering Test

I applied make-up on my wrist and covered it with the product.

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream Covering Texture

Both colors have some concealing ability.

This is pretty good for a CC cream.

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream #21 Light Beige Before (Left) & After (Right)


The images show the before and after pictures of applying the light beige.

You can see that the product conceals quite well~~

The color also becomes very bright!!

My face looks so soft!

Banila co. It Radiant CC Cover Cream #23 Natural Beige Before (Left) & After (Right)

I tried the natural beige color next~~

You may wonder what the difference is between the natural beige and the light beige.

You can see the color is very different when you look at the face and the neck..

The natural beige color is very natural.

I recommend using natural beige for those who want a no-makeup look.

Having used both colors, I generally use the light color because the natural beige is too dark for my face!

Once I applied the product, there was some rubbing off of the product.

But it was fine after a while!! There aren’t any other weaknesses.

It is a product that can be used without much thought.

I recommend the “It radiant CC cream” to those who want to keep their make-up simple.

It conceals spots quite well, and the color is very good. It is also quite moist~

For those who want full make-up, you can apply this product, and then apply concealing make-up on top~

It was very good for me because I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up.

I think you should try the product at least once.

Hope you enjoyed my review.

I will return next time with another product.

Thank you~~


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