Banila co. Clean It Zero Balm Original Disney Edition Review – Nov 2018

Hello~ I have returned.

This time I will review a product by Banila Co.

I purchased a product launched as a Halloween limited edition.

The product is called “Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original”.

The original product is designed in pink and white,

But a Disney limited edition was released, so I purchased this one with a different design.

The product is categorized based on skin type, and there are four types: original, revitalizing, purifying, and nourishing.

This product was ranked No. 1 on Get It Beauty.

This is very reputable in Korea.

There are 2 sizes: 100ml and 180ml.

The 100ml product is $18, and the 180ml product is $25.

It was more affordable than I thought considering that it is a highly reputable product.

No doubt it will be a great product because it provides great effects at such an affordable price.

The product is described as leaving no dirt, impurities, oiliness, rubbing off, or irritation.

I will check whether this is true or not after use!!

It also says there is no additional cleansing required before and after use.

The cleansing balm is composed of acerola, rooibos, bamboo, and angelica as the main ingredients.

These ingredients relieve the skin and effectively cleanse impurities to maintain the balance of the skin.

The method of use is to apply a small amount on the hand using a spatula, and apply it all over the face so as to melt the make-up off.

After melting, simply wash the product of with warm water!

Now, let me show you the product~~~

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original Disney Edition Package

The packaging and the product are both designed in orange and purple.

They display a fancy yet simple design.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original Disney Edition

When you open the case, you see a solid form of the product.

I thought it would look creamier,but it doesn’t. Before you close the lid, close the transparent lid holding the spatula first!! Then you can close the lid.

It is easy to manage, and the double lids are very easy to use.

I will apply the product on my arm to see how exceptional the product really is.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original Spatula

I scooped the product up using the spatula.

It feels just like scooping frosted ice.

Cleansing Text on Arm

I applied eye shadow on my arm, then used the product.

I applied waterproof eye shadow, so I’ll check whether the product will remove the make-up completely.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Original Cleansing Text

Rub rub~ The product slowly melted and then it began to melt the make-up too.

If it really cleanses make-up that well, I might want to continue using it.

I will now wash it off with warm water.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original


I think this might be a perfect product!!!

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

This is before.

I have applied a lot of make-up.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

This shows the use of the cleansing balm.

The make-up rubs off so well once I rub the product just as I did on my arm.

It feels just like applying cream.

It’s really smooth to use. I don’t think it will cause any irritation to the skin.

Banila co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

It’s unfortunate that the before and after images were taken in different locations.. but I will show you better images next time!!

Can you see how clean the make-up rubbed off after washing it off with warm water?

Heavy make-up and waterproof make-up all rub off very well.

I give it full marks:100 points out of 100!!!

Upon use, it took my make-up off so well, and there was no irritation at all. It was so smooth and didn’t irritate my skin at all!

There were some lumps in the product, but these melted quickly when I rubbed on them~~

There were no remaining impurities after cleansing. There were also no dripping, so I could use it so easily.

I felt that all my make-up came off really cleanly after using Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm.

There really is no need for additional cleansing!!!

You must try this product!!

You may become addicted once you try it.

I plan to purchase the nourishing product after I finish using the original.

I highly recommend this product.

I will return again once I find another perfect product! Thank you~~~~


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