Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Review – Dec 2018


I am just a normal office worker who hates retouching my make-up during the day.

I had been looking for a wrinkle cream last time due to wrinkles around my eyes.

This time, the very foundation of makeup!!

The base!!

Winter is the worst season for me, as I have very dry skin.

I get upset with make-up that does not adhere well and cracks in cold weather.

That is why basic make-up is important. I learned about this product.

The best product for dry skin in winter!!! The Rose Water Tone Up Cream!!!!

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Package

This is the product. I sell in It costs $36.

It contains rose, so the pastel pink color is a point of the design.

Let’s see what it looks like inside.

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream

It has a round and clean design, which is sort of like sunscreen products in the market. 

A pastel pink has been used for the point color to emphasize the idea of roses.

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Back Ingredients text.

The design is the same on the front and back, and provides a product description.

I will see what the product looks like before applying it ~

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Formulation

You can’t tell from the photograph, but it has a slight pinky tinge.

The rose water does not have any matte feeling.

In fact, it drips a bit

I will show you what the texture feels like before applying.

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Texture

It’s a liquid type, but it feels quite elastic~

It is moist and drips, but it doesn’t drip too much like gel or toner.

Let me apply the product on the back of my hand~

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Hand Texture Test

I have applied the product on the right side, and not applied the product on the left side.

The tone has definitely brightened it up~

The application feels similar to a moisturizer. It is soft and moist, and applies well.

I have seen the effect on my hand, so now I will apply it to my face!!

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream

This is my bare face without any makeup… haha.

On the product description, it says that the product is recommended for people.

Who want a moist and bright makeup base, or a natural-looking bare face~

I’ll have to see if this is true…

Let me see if my spots can be completely covered!

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Make-up Face After

I have applied the product!!

My face feels quite clean and organized!

The surrounding areas of my lips and nose, and spots!!

There is no complete covering because this is not a BB cream

But it is optimal for presenting natural-looking bare skin!!!!!!

You can’t see the moistness in the photograph

But it actually feels quite moist.

I recommend the pink shining Rose Water Tone Up Cream

For those who hate wearing makeup because of the heaviness

It is really light and adheres so well. It doesn’t even really feel like I’m wearing makeup~

I have prepared a comparison shot so you can see!

Bonabella Rose Water Tone-up Cream Before & After

There is no heaviness or clumping.

It may look matte in the photograph, but it’s actually quite moist.

It feels comfortable because it’s light and just like wearing moisturizer.

If I apply make-up over it, it will be perfect in the winter~

It doesn’t have absolute covering like in the advertisement

But I want to recommend the product as a base

For its effection the skin tone, moistness, and light adherence~

This was the Rose Water Tone Up Cream review~


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