SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream Review – Oct 2018


I recently learned about a new brand with which I was not all that familiar, so I want to leave a review of a product from this brand.

I learned about this brand through a friend, but it is far better than I thought it would be.

The first product I chose s the SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream.

I bought it for $18.90 (For 10% sale), and I was very excited to use it, it even says ‘protein’ in the name.

SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream

I will provide you with reviews on both methods of using the product at room temperature and after being refrigerated.

SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream Room temperature.

At room temperature, the product is a sticky liquid form.

When you use the spoon, you can see how sticky it is.

It can be applied smoothly.

SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream Refrigerated

When refrigerated, the product is still sticky, but more solid in form.

It has a slight scent and a minty color.

You can see that the product can be scooped up with the spoon when refrigerated.

I applied the product on my skin.

Room temperature texture

First, I used the protein cream at room temperature.

It is rather sticky when first applied but then becomes smooth.

A slight stickiness remains, but it soon goes.

The moisture lasts for a good while.

Refrigerated texture

The refrigerated protein cream was scooped up with a spoon, and i applied it on the skin thinking it would be better at room temperature.

It has less stickiness than at room temperature.

But the moistness has improved. It was moister when applied than the one at room temperature.

The stickiness appears to be the same. It still disappeared very quickly.

It adheres to the skin very well, so it must have been quickly absorbed.

After applying, you can see that the skin has become moist.

I think this protein cream will be great for dry skin.

I am very satisfied with the SOMEST Protein Care Enriched Cream.

I loved that the moistness and stickiness combine and can be applied smoothly.

The moistness also remained for a while.

This product is good for use before applying make-up, and at night before bed.

It also has low irritation, so will be really good for those with sensitive skin.

I will see you again next time with another product~!!

See you soon!!


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