MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack Review – Oct 2018


I showed you an Innisfree pack product not long ago!

This time, I have brought MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack

I was excited at just even the sight of this product!!

I purchased it for $21 by

Dambi Son once used this product on a TV show.

This s why this product was once called the Dambi Son pack.

The packaged case itself is very feminine, so I am really looking forward to using it.

I am even more excited because Dambi Son uses this product.

Let me now open the product.

The MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack contains components that are different from regular packs.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack Component

As you can see, there are some very different things inside.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack Component 1, 2 Step and Pack bowl

It contains a first agent rose gel, a second agent magic power gel, a pack bowl and a spatula.

You use the spatula to mix the first agent and the second agent, and then apply the mixture evenly across the face.

Let’s see what the contents of the product are like.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack 1st agent

I poured the first agent in, I love the color. It reminds me of rose.

It has a slight pearl to it to emphasize the pretty color.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack 1st agent & 2nd agent

The second agent is a white liquid.

Mix the two agent MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack

Mix the two products before they harden.

When you no longer see the white liquid left, you can apply it to your face.

MEDI-PEEL Royal Rose Modeling Pack

The red color looks so pretty when applied!!!

I have never used this formulation before.. It was very different to apply.

The product dripped down my face after I had applied it…

You will need to take care before it hardens, because it drips quite a lot.

You can see that a lot of it is dripping down the left side of my face.

When I first applied it to my face, I felt moistness and coldness.

I was worried as to whether it would stay in place because it was so moist!!!

But it stayed on very well~~

It didn’t irritate my skin at all, and it felt like an essence formulation adhering to my face.

It was also full of moisture.

I waited for 20-30 minutes.

I could have waited longer without knowing it had dried.

I recommend pressing on the product rather than looking with your eyes to check whether the product has dried.

I wasn’t sure if the product was dry or not by just looking at it ~~~

Before removing (Left), After removing (Right)

I removed the pack.

The jelly pack tears off very softly.

It gives no irritation, and my skin felt really soft, It is a great product to use when your skin feels dry.

The moistness remains after the pack is removed.

Also, the rose substance really did have a whitening effect, just like it says!

My face looked much clearer!!!

Tear off mask pack

The removed pack looked like jelly.

You can see that the removed pack was still moist ~ !!

I thought these kinds of packs were ones that could only really be used professionally, but they can be used at your own home. So there is no need for you to visit clinics.

I am very satisfied with this products.

The effect was great, and the process was great~~!!!!

I strongly recommend it.

The product will work really well and have a far greater effect when used in winter or when you have dry skin.

I will see you again with another product next time.

See you again ~~~~!!


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