Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam VS Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam Review – Oct 2018


I have returned with cleansing products!

The cleansing products that I have chosen are Green Tea Cleansing Foam by Innisfree and Vita Berry Cleansing Foam by Borntree.

I heard that the cleansing foam of Innisfree is the best product in the market, thereby leading me to purchasing the product. I also heard that the Borntree products are reliable.

Let’s see the differences between these two products.

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam
Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser

First, allow me to show you the products.

When you look at the Borntree product, it has flowers over it with a simple design and a separate packaging case. On the other hand, Innisfree has a natural green color and environmentally-friendly design to express a fresh look, but there are no cases provided.

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam (Left), Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser (Right)

When you open the lid, you can see that the Borntree product has a smaller opening.

I will now try the product!

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam Texture and Bubble

First, I will use the Borntree product.

It has a slightly elastic texture when a small amount was placed on the palm of my hand.

It also produces foam very well!

I heard that more foam can clean the skin better.

In addition, it has a mild and pleasant scent!

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser Texture and Bubble

Now, this is the Innisfree product.

It felt wetter than the Borntree product.

It smells like green tea and it reminds of the Innisfree image.

This product also produces a lot of foam.

Now, let’s check the effect of these products!

First is the Borntree product.

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam detergency

As you can see, the eyeliners have been completely washed off.

I will now use the Innisfree product.

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleansing detergency

You can see that the black eyeliner is not completely removed by the Innisfree product.

 I will now test the products on my face.

Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing Foam Face washing test

First, I tested the Borntree product.

Can you see my makeup rubbing off as soon as the foam touches my face?

With the Borntree product, you can gently cleanse your face with a slight feeling of sticky residue from the foam on your face.

After a few rubs, my makeup has been completely washed off. This time, I will use the Innisfree product.

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser Face washing test

I thought that the Innisfree product would produce more foam than the Born Tree product.

Instead, the Borntree product produced more foam!

It softly cleansed my face without a tight feeling, but afterwards, it felt like my makeup was not completely washed off.

The Borntree product allows a more polished cleansing.

I prefer the Borntree product than the Innisfree product.

There is no big difference between the two, but I would have to choose the Borntree product.

This is the end of my review!

Next time, I will come back with another product.

See you next time!


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