AHC Flash Whitening Cream Review – Nov 2018

Hello ~

The product I have today is a new product from AHC.

The brand AHC is advertised by many famous Korean celebrities,

They launch very good products, and so this is a well-recognized brand.

I am very excited about this new product from such a reputable brand.

First, let me introduce the new products.

The first product I want to introduce is a booster product.

There are three types of products: whitening, revitalizing, and wrinkle care.

AHC Booster Ampoule 3 Type

Another new product I will review is the flash cream.

This product is also divided into three types: whitening, moisture, and calming.

AHC Flash Cream 3 Type (Whitening, Moisture, Calming)

Among these products, I chose the whitening product.

I chose whitening because I thought it would be convenient for women to wear make-up with the whitening function it provides.

AHC Flash Whitening Cream

When I opened the whitening product, I saw that it is designed superbly and has a rather sophisticated look.

This product provides a tone-up effect to the face.

The calamine substance in the cream helps protect the skin and provides a pink tone to add brightness.

All flash cream products have skin tone correction, eye care, whitening, wrinkle improvement, and ultraviolet block as core features.

I think this product has more whitening effects than other products.

The method of use is to evenly apply the product across the eyes or the entire face as the last step of skin care, and then lightly tap it on the face to allow the product to absorb.

Let’s use the product.

AHC Flash Whitening Cream

It is designed for easy use.

The content flows out after you continue to press on the pump a few times because it is a new product~~

AHC Flash Whitening Cream Texture

The product felt very moist on the back of my hand.

It has a light pink formulation.

AHC Flash Whitening Cream Texture

I lightly rubbed it with my hand, which felt soft.

I think even a small amount would be good for sufficient use.

I initially used too much, so took some off.

AHC Flash Whitening Cream Texture Before & After

Upon use! I didn’t feel that it had that much of a tone effect.

But you can see that my hand is now moist.

Now I will use it on my face.

I only applied it to half of my face.

I am curious as to the difference.

AHC Flash Whitening Cream Face apply cream Before & After

You can see that there is a difference between the side on which I used the cream, and where I didn’t use it.

You can see that my face is brighter and shinier on the side on which I used the product.

I think it would be good to use as the last step of skin care before applying make-up.

The flash whitening cream is very moist, so can be used by people with dry skin.

It is also a product that helps women who want simple make-up.

I am very satisfied with AHC’s new product.

Next time, I will come back with another product.

Thank you~~~~~~~


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