16Brand 16 Eye Magazine Review – Sep 2018

Hello there!

Last time, I did a review on a lip product. This time, I will be reviewing an eye product.

I selected an eye shadow this time!

I purchased 4 different 16 Brand Eye Magazine products, which were featured in an issue on SNS.

The types of shadow include Hey My Day, Every Day, Sweet Sunday, and Hello Monday.  The price was && each.

Eye Magazine is packaged differently from the other eye-shadow brands. They are creatively designed in the form of magazines.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine 4 Type

Now, let us check out the eyeshadow.

There is a lot of pearl in the eyeshadow and the color is amazing.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine Color

The dark color occupies about 30% of the container, while the bright color occupies about 70% of the container.

The eyeshadow is small and cute, as well as the packaging!

Also, the eyeshadow has its own brush.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine Brush

The brush is so cute! The eyeshadow and brush are firmly held together. They are very small and you can even carry around all four types with you.

First, let me apply the product on my arm to check for the color.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine Color Texture

I have applied the eyeshadows in the order of Every Day, Hey My Day, Hello Monday, and Sweet Sunday.

Here are the results! I found it very convenient that the two colors can be used in combination.

It felt awkward at first, but the coloring is great and it would reduce the time in wearing makeup.

The only disadvantage of this product is that it gives off too much powder.

Before use, tap the brush so that you don’t get powder everywhere!

This time, I used it on my eye.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine #01 Every Day Eye Texture

The Every Day product contains two brown colors.

They are simple for everyday use!

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine #04 Hey My Day Eye Texture

The Hey My Day product has pink colors, so it would be good when you go out.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine #03 Sweet Day Eye Texture

With the Sweet Sunday product, only the dark color is highly visible.

The other color only gives off an iridescent appearance.

16Brand 16 Eye Magazine #02 Hello Monday Eye Texture

This product has certainly reduced my time spent in wearing makeup!

I don’t have to use an eyeliner because of the dark color, and it still looks like I’m wearing one.

But because of the powdery formulation, it falls on my face and my eyebrows.

Also, the colors in one of the products are quite similar.

If you want to darken the color, you will need to apply it several times.

Personally, I like the Hey My Day color because it is so pretty.

I want to use it again.

They chose great color coordination with the two colors in the product.

That is the reason why it’s such a keeper!

I will come back next time with an eyeliner product.

See you next time!


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